RE: Cu-SeeMe and the LAN

Brad Burleson (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 11:41:43 -0700

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> >Our problem here is that the firewall administrators won't open
> >any extra ports due to the security risk. :-/
> That can be very frustrating when you can not get
> the necessary cooperation from people in your own organization.

Sure is.

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> >>From what I understand, when you use the MS Proxy you need to
> >use _real_ IP Addresses. This is probably what makes the
> >difference (?).
> Well yes you do need a real ip at the server, but the whole
> idea behind a proxy is to have the ability to
> connect workstation on the LAN with private IP's to the Internet .

Right. This could have been from one of the beta versions we
picked up in the office, but I dropped the idea of using the Proxy
when I read that restriction. Then again, maybe I was confused.

BTW, did you know that a Linux box can be configured as a proxy
server (and supports applications such as CuSeeMe and RealAudio?)?

I've done this using a 8MB 386/40 that serves a pair of NT boxes.
(Never did any performance tests, but it seemed fast enough - at
least with a 28.8 modem; never tried it with 56K).

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> Thank you for your reply.
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For what it's worth, eh? :-). Now, I'm going to take another look
at the MS Proxy to see if it's a worthy replacement (since I've
got an extra NT Server sitting around mostly idle).

Thanks for the info.