Re: RE :Cu-SeeMe and the LAN

Jason Williams (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:16:31 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Robert D Prociak wrote:
> 50,000 on campus? Wow I'm humbled!

Hehe.well it's a rather large campus. :)

> I think maybe we should check with the GAO on this one but I bet small
> business 20-100 users
> ARE the majority of computer users out there.

You never know...was just pointing out what little I do know about it :)
It takes a lot of small businesses to equal that of several large
businesses on the internet. And if you just want to count desktops, that
can be rather misleading. :)

> It would be nice to get it to work. Did your friend actually get cu to
> connect to a reflector and send video?

He uses it all the time with that configuration.

> I guess what they say is true words DO have meaning ! Apparently I must have
> used a poor chose of words ,I apologize ! To put it in clearer terms the
> concept I wish to convey. Net meeting can have only one remote video window
> open at once (2 vids local and remote) Cu-SeeMe can have (hold on to your
> seat) more than one remote video open at once. That my minor point. :-)

Hehe..yep..I know what you were trying to get at :)
Using an MCU like MeetingPoint allows Netmeeting to have more than one
person videoconferencing with you at a time (it switches the one vid
window to various people). I haven't seen any multipoint H.323
conferencing programs (probably because I believe multipoint H.323
requires multicasting).

> Yea I got what you meant I just have never been able to get it work that
> way.
> Back a few month ago when I sent my question on this to the list I said I
> knew of one reflector operator who WAS apparently getting Eref to bind on 2
> IP's (the joker reflector) but I still can not get Brian's to work. But I am
> very open to suggestions!

Feel free to post your problems you have with it..I don't have a machine
with multiple IPs to play with, but I don't see why it wouldn't. I know I
have setup the Enhanced Reflector (1.07b7 I believe it was) on a unix box
with about 5-6 interfaces. Without a HOST command, it bound to all of

Post what you can't get to work and I'm sure a few could help you with it.

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