Re: Help with Mac CU

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:18:44 -0400

May want to look around for the following as well:

clipboardVDIG (used to be called scrapVDIG)
- displays current contents of mac clipboard as video

- displays mac desktop (with cursor) as video

MoviePlayer VDIG and SGPanel
- allows one to play QT movies as video

overlayer VDIG
- allows one to overlay/position text or images onto any video source

I'm the author of the above. I released them to the CU-SeeMe community
awhile ago.

I'm currently not able to re-release them right now tho.:( .....I have some
updates coming "soon" hopefully.


>I'm trying to get on hold of a copy of the Imposter software for the MAC
>that emulates the video camera. I've search on the Web and couldn't find
>anything Does anybody have a copy? Any idea where I can get it?
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