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Webcam 32...supports Snappy too!!!

Webcam32 a Windows 95, Windows98 and Windows NT application which allows
video camera images to be displayed within a web page.

Features of Webcam32 V4.8.2

•FTP Client - Webcam32 is able to upload images to an FTP server (a Web
server) to allow images to be obtained directly from the page.  Now
includes previous image cycling and time to next upload. •HTTP Server -
Webcam32 can also perform as an HTTP image server (Web server) serving
video images from a capture device (camera) without the need to configure
any CGI programs or have any other Web server.  Now includes real time
logging and statistics. •Client/Server - Webcam32 can be implemented as a
CGI application which uses TCP/IP to communicate with a partner, server
application which captures the image from the camera. •Supports Snappy!!!
•Server Push capability to perform live image movie transmission. •Server
Push from existing AVI files. •Image Cycler from JPEG or BMP files on disk.
•AVI capture support - AVI movies built of transmitted images. •AVI timed
image save •AVI % change frame save - security surveillance, etc. •Java
applet support. •ISP support - Webcam32 provides support for cameras
connected to a home PC connected to the Internet via a dial-up line through
an Internet Service Provider (ISP). •DialUp networking support. •Passive
FTP, Proxy gateway and direct network connection supported. •Image output
data type selection including progressive JPEG. •Hide option - Webcam32 can
hide from your display leaving only a Webcam32 icon in the system tray.
•Warning option - plays sound and delays a configurable period when a
client requests an image (allows you to compose yourself before a picture
is taken). •Optional positional caption showing the date and time the image
was obtained including customizable text and font and multi-line output. 
Additionally, overlay bitmap selection. •Support for multiple, selectable
cameras. •Handles 4,8,16 and 24 bit images and sizes from cameras. •Display
of  last client that obtained an image. •Ability to save captured images
locally on disk. •Remote Administration •Shipped with shared library
support making final installed code and executable much smaller. •Advanced
debugging included.

Uses of Webcam32

Webcam32 is a full function Web Camera application. It may be used to
provide monitoring of remote locations or to present images of yourself or
your environment, at work or at home.  A more detailed User's Guide for
Webcam32 is available here.