Re: *.CSM file connecting

Jason Williams (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:26:40 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Jeff Conrad wrote:
> I was using a Pentium II 333 Mhz and a Pentium 166 Mhz, both running
> Window95.I haven't been able to launch *.csm files from the Macintosh 7500
> with the MacOS CUSeeMe 0.8x? - but that's not necessary right now.

On the Mac, only the White Pine versions and the Cornell alpha versions
support direct launching from a web page. To do it with the other Cornell
versions, you'd need Chris Silverberg's CU-Helper app.

On the PC, only the White Pine versions and the Cornell 1.0 version
support direct launching from a web page. To do it with the 0.92b2
Cornell version, you'd need to use Rick Cekal's CUSDIAL app.

> I can't get the CUSeeMe 1.0 version to work on the 166 Mhz, but the 0.92beta
> works okay there. The 1.0 version works fine on the 333.

Any ideas why the 1.0 version won't work on the 166 Mhz machine? 0.92b2
doesn't support direct launching from cu/csm files.

> I cannot get to those reflectors, probably because of the firewall. But it
> does fire up the application and make a stab at that IP address. My
> guess is that when I specify the hostname.domainname, some sort of
> internal security is blocking me.

Just a suggestion that may/may not work. Include the ID as well. So
something like this for a csm file:
That's what I'm doing with my scanner anyway.

> The other alternative, is a CGI call like you are doing Jason, but I
> haven't figured out why mine's not working yet.

I'm not sure if my other message got to you...
but I'd recommend the standard MIME type for CU of application/x-cu-seeme
as listed in the FAQs for White Pine's version.

As far as the CGI script gotta do something like this
printf("Content-type: application/x-cu-seeme\n\n");

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