Re: SFMC codec ???

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 22:36:54 -0400

The SFMC codec is the original color codec offered by White Pine with their
2.0 release. It was licensed from Crystal Net.

If Cornell 1.0 users are using, I would hope they obtained it when they
purchased the 2.0 release. Most likely they obtained it from the 2.0 demo

The SFMC codec was discontinued in the WPSI 3.0 release (although it should
still work??).


> Just a point that has intriguing me in the past weeks... I've seen
>some cu users using a sfmc codec to send vid (at least it's the name
>shown in the "Image type" entry of Cornell's v.1). My questions:
>- Which codec is that ?
>- Is it available to download as a installable separate piece, as MJPEG
>or Indeo ?
> Thanks in advance,

Bill Ryan