Re: SFMC codec ???

Scott Lacroix (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:25:40 -0400

At 10:36 PM 7/28/98 -0400, Bill Ryan wrote:
>The SFMC codec is the original color codec offered by White Pine with their
>2.0 release. It was licensed from Crystal Net.
>If Cornell 1.0 users are using, I would hope they obtained it when they
>purchased the 2.0 release. Most likely they obtained it from the 2.0 demo

I don't think the Cornell client will SEND SFMC. Only recieve it. At any
rate, they would have to have gotten it from either the release or demo
WhitePine 2.X client. As Bill says... HOPEFULLY the registered version.

>The SFMC codec was discontinued in the WPSI 3.0 release (although it should
>still work??).

It works just fine. At least it did the other day when I was on the
server... I saw someone sending SFMC and I was recieving Ok with my
WhitePine 3.1.X client.

- Scott


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