Re: SFMC codec ???

Bill Ryan (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:01:03 -0400

>> WPSI Mac Client allows the user to select ANY codec
>>installed on their system and use it for encoding.
>does this mean that powermac wp cu clients connected with a modem can view
>and or transmit video with say the sorenson video codec or some other codec
>on any (wp) reflector that supports color video.

In theory yes.
In real life maybe not.

Depends on how well the QT codec component was written (as well as the app.
using it).

Over the years, White Pine has done everything it can to NOT have codec
specific kludges. That said, some codecs require the support of image
description extensions. If the app. don't support/handle these codec
specific extensions, the codec "should" either default to a lower quality
case or return an error code for processing.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

We've scene everthing from poor component memory management to no error
handling to just being written and tested for one application :(

Also, lets remember that some/most of the codecs on a Mac system were NOT
meant for realtime video compression (some are still image codecs and
others are for non-realtime video recording/playback). Either they are too
CPU intensive or they compress to a size too large for realtime use (i.e.
not enough bandwidth).

SIDENOTE: From the FWIW dept....the same QT component problems exist for
vDigs (QT Video Digitizer Components). White Pine has built up good
relationships with various QT component vendors to ensure that their
components work with CU-SeeMe.


Bill Ryan