Re: SFMC codec ???

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:17:26 -0400

From: Mark Andrew Nassy <>
Subject: Re: SFMC codec ???

> does this mean that powermac wp cu clients connected with a modem
> can view and or transmit video with say the sorenson video codec or
> some other codec on any (wp) reflector that supports color video.

From: (Bill Ryan)
Subject: Re: SFMC codec ???

> > It allows the user to select ANY codec installed on their system and use it
> > for encoding.

> > Depends on how well the QT codec component was written (as well as the

cool. hopefully this means that future video codecs that may b more
applicable to videoconferencing and that support quicktime will have a
pretty good chance of working. would it b correct to say that once any of
the current publically available reflectors support color it would not be
unreasonable to expect the reflector to reflect video sent with any
reasonable videoconferencing codec.

> SIDENOTE: From the FWIW dept....the same QT component problems exist for
> vDigs (QT Video Digitizer Components). White Pine has built up good
> relationships with various QT component vendors to ensure that their
> components work with CU-SeeMe.

recently some individuals have publically asked on usenet, on reflectors,
and asked me via personal email about the possibility of cu working with
firewire and dv cameras, or usb pci cards and usb cameras on the macintosh.
i recently learned that the current public cornell beta version does not
support firewire because it does not recognize firewire as a source. does
wp mac cu 3.x work with firewire, or usb pci boards and usb cameras (dont
know if any of usb cameras are available yet) on the macintosh.

Mark Andrew Nassy,