Re: HELP !

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:24:14 -0400 (EDT)

I have had this problem in the past but assumed it was due to me jumping the gun
just a bit. Since I've gotten into the habit of checking my mail as soon as I
have a connection established, I have not seen this error. There may be a bug in
the client relating to open transport. But it does work with OT.

In message <> writes:
> I downloaded the Cu-SeeMe 0.87b3 (PPC) for my Mac. I can't seem to get
> it to do anything. I open my connection then try to start the Cu
> program but keep getting a message saying "can't open MacTCP". I am
> using Open Transport/PPP which I believe is what is recommended. But I
> also believe that the CU program requires MacTCP (apparently, because I
> keep getting these error messages). As far as I know, MacTCP and open
> transport aren't compatible? Is there any Mac pro out there who can
> help me set this up and get it working for me? Any assistance with this
> problem would be greatly appreciated !!!