Re: SFMC codec ???

Bill Ryan (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:10:11 -0400

>From: Mark Andrew Nassy <>
>Subject: Re: SFMC codec ???
>> does this mean that powermac wp cu clients connected with a modem
>> can view and or transmit video with say the sorenson video codec or
>> some other codec on any (wp) reflector that supports color video.
>From: (Bill Ryan)
>Subject: Re: SFMC codec ???
>> > It allows the user to select ANY codec installed on their system and use it
>> > for encoding.
>> > Depends on how well the QT codec component was written (as well as the
>would it b correct to say that once any of
>the current publically available reflectors support color it would not be
>unreasonable to expect the reflector to reflect video sent with any
>reasonable videoconferencing codec.

Should be the case.
May be some issues as to whether the codec data will be wrapped in RTP or
just plain CU-SeeMe header protocol....this would only affect the quality
of the video (RTP tends to be better).

>does wp mac cu 3.x work with firewire, or usb pci boards and usb cameras (dont
>know if any of usb cameras are available yet) on the macintosh.

WPSI Mac CU-SeeMe supports the Mac Component technology for Video Source
and Video Codec (hopefully a future version will support Sound In and Sound
Out as well). So in theory, any source which supports the Mac Component
architecture will indeed be supported by CU-SeeMe.

I would tend to believe that as long as the firewire, usb pci card, pci cam
vendors write decent vDigs, they should work fine with CU-SeeMe.


Bill Ryan
Software Engineer