Crash on an Mac G3

Lars Martin (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:59:29 +0000

I can't get the CuSeeMe version 0.87b or the WhitePine version 3.1.1
to work on a new G3 with a built-in AV and a Connectix Quickcam . The
WhitePine version won't start and stops with the error : "Unknown
MacOS error # -192". I know this means he can't find a resource but
which one?
The Cornell version can't find a videosource.
I installed the vDig patch from WPine, but no success.
With other programs like the VideoPlayer or Connectix VideoPhone I
have no problems.

Any solution?

Lars Martin

G3 MT 266
MacOS 8.1
ATI XClaimVR (I don't know it exactly, it's a University computer and
I'am not a Mac pro)
Lars Martin
FB 15 Maschinenbau