Re: Crash on an Mac G3

Bill Ryan (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 06:50:19 -0400

Hi Lars,

I'll start with the obvious first.

Did you select the vDig patch as your video source after you installed it
and rebooted your system?

In order to have it work properly, it must be selected as the video source.


>I can't get the CuSeeMe version 0.87b or the WhitePine version 3.1.1
>to work on a new G3 with a built-in AV and a Connectix Quickcam . The
>WhitePine version won't start and stops with the error : "Unknown
>MacOS error # -192". I know this means he can't find a resource but
>which one?
>The Cornell version can't find a videosource.
>I installed the vDig patch from WPine, but no success.
>With other programs like the VideoPlayer or Connectix VideoPhone I
>have no problems.
>Any solution?
>Lars Martin
>G3 MT 266
>MacOS 8.1
>ATI XClaimVR (I don't know it exactly, it's a University computer and
>I'am not a Mac pro)
>Lars Martin
>FB 15 Maschinenbau
>WWW :

Bill Ryan
Software Engineer