Re: Mac & PC: exploring new technologies

Sat, 1 Jul 95 03:19:14 EST

OK. So all of this is very interesting, but why are we being bothered
with it on this list?

Original-From: (Glenn Azlin)
Original-Date: Sat, 1 Jul 1995 15:36:08 +1000

>On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:
>> Digital anonymous money is a case in point. There is a full-scale
>> going on, and you can participate in using funny-money, called ECash.
>> You'll be given E$100 when you sign up. Information may be found at
>Unfortunately, once you sign up for ECash, you'll never hear from them
>again. I have tried five separate times over the course of two months;
>no response. No "welcome to ECash" message, no E$100, nothing.

> which Aaron added...
>(Those five separate attempts were from different accounts, using
>different web browsers, I kind of doubt I made some piddling
>They also do not answer their email.

That's not so odd... there have been, from time to time, all sorts of
organisations which do the same sort of thing.... but they also take
money! 2.5 cents worth.

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