Re: Mac Modem on a PC?

Fred Salerno (
Sun, 2 Jul 1995 14:13:33 -0400 (EDT)

Most modems have different INIT strings for Macs than IBMs.
CHcek the book. Thing slike AT&F5 are for a mac and AT&F3 are for IBM.
And double check that cable you are using. Make sure it doesnt cut off
necessary pins.

On Sun, 2 Jul 1995, David Winet wrote:

> Help! Dumped my Performa, but kept the Mac 'n Fax U.S.Robotics 28.8k modem.
> Had been told it would work on a PC with minor modification.
> Not true! It won't dial, although it seems to take the first step (a
> click). Using a standard modem cable for PC. DIP switches set to 3,5,8 down.
> Init string AT&F (also tried AT&F&D2). Result: nothing, nada and zip.
> Help save my 250 dollar investment! I'll give you free English, French,
> or Russian lessons for a month!
> Thanks,
> David Winet
> Berkeley