Re: Reflector Setup Questions

traino (
Sun, 2 Jul 1995 18:44:19 -0700 (PDT)

Tim -

Thanks for all that advice; however, I did not understand the following
answer you gave to one of my questions. Do you mean that any type of
camera will give my audience the same resolution or do I need a more
expensive camera?

Also, I want to allow 20 users to be able to lurk on my reflector with
only one video feed from me that they watch. Do you think that would be
possible over a 128K connection? BTW, What type of connection is your
reflector on?

Thanks again for responding to my questions last time.

- Stephen

> >Type of camera - any retail video camera? How do I hook up a camera to
> >my computer?
> So far, there is not CU-SeeMe which will run on a Unix machine. You need a
> machine running some form of Unix (such as Linux) for a reflector. So the
> camera would not matter.