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> CU-SeeMe Windows Trouble-shooting FAQ
> Updated: Tuesday 5 April 1995
> Thanks a-plenty to Jonn Martell, who's been adding to this
> FAQ. (He's pretty much taken over the Windows side of
> things.
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> CU-SeeMe on Windows machines
> Why am I having "get hostname" errors?
> Jonn Martell suggests:
> Every machine on the Internet has an IP number, and in
> most cases, there is an associated IP name assigned to
> that IP number. This "IP name to IP number assignment" is
> done by your local system administrators (the people who
> gave the connection its original IP number).
> When using any type of connection, if you get a hostname
> error (using CU-SeeMe, WinVN, Trumpet News Reader, or
> others), this means that whoever is giving you the
> connection (direct network, PPP, or SLIP) has not assigned
> an IP name to your IP connection.
> You may be able to fix this problem by: Contacting your
> local network administrator or adding a fake name in the
> HOSTS file on your local machine. This is not a CU-SeeMe
> problem and there is nothing you can do until the IP name
> has been provided by your service provider or is entered
> in the local HOST file.
> If your are using Trumpet Winsock, look in the HOST file
> and add the IP number of your connection and a fake IP
> name. This might be tricky since if you are using a
> dial-up connection, this IP number might change for every
> connection. The IP number of the connection is usually
> provided when you first connect.
> If you need to check the IP name or number, get a Winsock
> program called WS_PING.ZIP. When you start it, you will
> get a "Local Hostname:" that will tell you whether or not
> the IP number you are using has a corresponding IP name.
> WS_PING.ZIP is available from CICA and all mirrors
> including ftp.cdrom.com in the /pub/cica/winsock
> directory.
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