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Brett C. Harvey (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 06:36:08 -0500

>Dear cu-seeme:
>I have the connectix quick Cam and CUSee-Me and have videoconferenced
>with colleagues on the Internet. I want to know how I can conference
>with a colleague on America On Line. He is in NY, I am in Virginia.
>How can he get the required IP #? Or, is there a way he can connect up
>using my IP number? Does he need a MAC TCP? How can he get that if he
>is on American On Line?
> Please let me know as quickly as possible. thank You.
>D. Mayo


As a subscriber to AOL also, there is now way for AOL'ers to do CUSeeMe.
The AOL internet connection has:Newsgroups, Gopher & WAIS, WebBrowser and
FTP. AOL **is not** a true internet provider. AOL provides some of the
functions available through the web but they don't have full internet
access available to their customers (at this time).


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