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Roger Lee Boston (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 18:18:00 -0500 (CDT)

Ken I have four of the Sharevision units here at Houston Community
College. They are spectacularly successful via POTS and I have just
returned from a week's stay in the New Mexico Rockies, having taught my
on-campus classes at 21,600 baud from a cabin about 100 feet from the Red
River -- a fantasy come true! We had live full duplex audio, full color
at 6-8 frames per second, a great white board with pop up event windows,
and my class saw me and the white board on a 50 inch display. Even
played them a VIDEO TAPE! Post Mortem evaluations were rave reviews from
all who participated and my college even PAID for the 'experiment'.

Nowever -- NO to internet and NO to ISDN and NO to multi-point but
Creative Labs claims they are working on all of the above (they'd better
hurry as they are losing the market, and in my opinion have done a
poor job in capitalizing on their early lead in desktop video conferencing.
For example, try to get someone there to return your call.

Roger Boston
Rockwell Chair/Instructor
HCCS Distance Learning

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> Hi Folks,
> Is it true that the Creative Labs sharevision package (incl the RT300)
> won't work with CU-SEEME??
> And if so, why not (it seems kinda stupid) ??
> I've got one for testing here, and have had spectacularly 0% luck with
> it so far, despite having tried all the versions i could lay my hands
> on.
> Any advice appreciated,
> Cheers,
> Ken