Reflectors and Firewalls

Daniel Huber (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 12:20:43 +0100 (METDST)

Hi there,

I just discovered CU-SeeMe. Could be a nice alternative to MBONE (IMHO).

I'm sitting behind a firewall. We use SOCKS to connect to the Internet. The
reflector binary I have compiled (HP9000/712, HP-UX 9.03) seems to work. At
least I can connect from a PC running version W0.65b1. Also the reflector
binary is "socksified".

Now as I understand, I have to find a reflector in the Internet which would
allow me to get some feeds from it.

So my question: Does this also work through a firewall? With a socksified
reflector binary, I think it should be no problem to open a connection to
any reflector site. However, other Internet sites will not be able to open
a connection to my reflector.

So does cu-seeme still work this way??

Thanks for a pointer



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