"No Response" & no local video window

Anne T. Savage (asavage@pen.k12.va.us)
Tue, 4 Jul 95 11:16:34 EDT

I'm having two separate start-up problems:
1) CUSeeMe shows me a menu bar only, although I have an AV Mac
with the QuickCam plugged in and I've installed the QuickCam
Updater 1.0.3...
2) When I run CUSeeMe with only the receive video boxes
checked, then use "Connect To..." I get the message "No
Response from [IP number] repeatedly, even though I've tried
several reflector IP addresses over several days' time. I
cannot connect to myself for testing, either.
.....Can someone tell me what to try next? I've read the web
pages and recent listserv stuff to no avail.....
My hardware: Mac660AV, 8mbRAM, QuickCam plugged into printer
Software: MacOS 7.1., MacTCP 2.0.2, CUSeeMe.68k0.80b2,
QuickCam Updater 1.0.3, QuickTime 2.0, Multimedia Tuner 2.0
Com: 14.4 ARA 2.0.1
Thanks for your help!