NASA TV via CompuServe

Phil Steer (
04 Jul 95 12:08:51 EDT

Many thanks to all of you who replied to my message about accessing NASA TV
using CU-SeeMe via CompuServe. It was very encouraging for a CU-SeeMe "novice
" like me to receive such kind and helpful replies in such a short space of time
:-). Thanks especially to Suzanne for your suggestion about the Norway
Reflector (I'll try it later today), to Javaid for your words of encouragement
(and warning :-)), and to Michel for your explanation of the various error
messages that I was seeing - would I be better off using the previous version of
CU-SeeMe if 0.65b1 is a pre-beta release?

Regarding my connection to the Internet via CompuServe - no, I didn't have to do
anything special about the IP address before using CU-SeeMe. I simply use the
CompuServe Internet dialer to connect to CompuServe, run CU-SeeMe, and then
connect to a site. I noticed in the CU-SeeMe help file that I had to put my IP
address in the hosts file, but since I don't have an IP address, I couldn't do
this. I thought I'd give CU-SeeMe a try anyway, and was very pleasantly
surprised to find that it worked :-).

A couple of other things that I've noticed. Firstly, the Video Format, Video
Source, and Sound devices options in the Files menu are all unavailable (greyed)
- presumably this is because I've got no video capture or sound card installed.
Secondly, because I'm running at such a low frame rate, after a while the image
becomes a "patchwork" of elements from previous frames. The only way that I've
found to get a clean image is to disconnect from the site and then reconnect
again. It would be nice if there were a way to clear the image window without
diconnnecting, since an image with "holes" in is easier to make out than an
image with bits from earlier frames. I know that CU-SeeMe wasn't really
designed to be used at such low rates but if, BJ is correct in saying that I am
not unlike most other users, then there may be others who would appreciate such
a change. Just a thought.

Anyway, that's all for now. Many thanks again for all your feedback.