Lurking all afternoon..Bebe 101

Bebe Williams (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 12:41:50 -0400

That be rite! I yam lurking ALL afternoon (EST) to capture and take images
I see being broadposted to use in my ArtComics series. If you don't know
how I create these "Comicx Strips", or what I'm looking for, here's the focus:

I look and take images that are a little different than you usually see on
the reflectors. I don't like to use images of people sitting at their
computers. Anything deemmed self-indulgent with the express purpose of
having fun or entertaining gets a serious crack.

Usually, I go for images that *attract me, as these are the natural ones I
can dig in there and bring out the words hanging around. If anyone is
interested, I'm looking for a few "Performances" (puppet theatre, people
making strange faces, dancers, and pretty much anything that has animated

Anyone that wants to be seen by thousands of people tomorrow, give me a Mail
of Electricity and we will go to my reflector of choice.
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