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Tue, 4 Jul 1995 15:48:41 -0400 (EDT)

_____________live internet concert broadcast___________
on CU-SeeMe and RealAudio

The spread of ideas, evolution, and flourishing creativity - Ideosphere will be the meeting point for artists, academics, and technology. This point will provide the means for the furthering of education and awareness of the new technologies, the world at large, and of ourselves. This event and all hence will introduce new talents, ideas, and engender an experience unparalleled in Vancouver.

Performing artists: Live drum circle of 15 percussionists and didjerideu, Off and Gone, Elfclan, Hellen Keller, Deprogrammers, and featuring, James K-M artist and CD-ROM producer demonstrating "Restless Machines" the Vancouver produced CD-ROM on the history of industrial and electronic music, and Dr. Stockmann Ph.D. Physicist, giving a presentation on entropy, time, and our lives as we approach the next millenium.

It will be broadcast on the internet via ISDN on CU-SeeMe and RealAudio from, and Axion Internet. The night begins at 6pm PST in the surround sound theatre, with no admission charge. Point your web browser to for general and reflector information.

Thank you,
Christopher Blohm

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