MIroVideoDC1 Capture Board

Fred Overbey (foverbey@picosof.com)
Tue, 4 Jul 95 18:16:10 -0700


I have this board and I think it is great for what it was designed
for, capturing video for Premiere, and downloading it to video tape.
My problem, Well this board has made the list of working boards but
for the last 3 months I have yet to find anyone that has gotten it to work
with anything but Premiere. If anyone knows the secret, please help my find
the "Holy Graile" for this board has failed to produce an image with cu,
vidcall and the latest wsirc.
I have changed screen settings 16, 256, 32k, 6.7 mill, changed
sizes, drivers, screen sizes, compression, you name it, if it has a button
I've pushed it.

Thanks in advance, for helping to maintain my hair (Hopefully we'll be able
to sweep it up off the floor soon) cause I'm sure tired of pulling it out
over this problem.


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