SGI NV 3.3B and CU-SeeMe Encoding Fix

Thomas R. Parker (
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 10:36:57 -0500

First, I apologize for posting a Unix thing on the CU-SeeMe mailing list, but I
feel this is related enough (it is CU-SeeME Encoding :) )

There is a slight bug that I have found with SGI and the Galileo board video
capture with the CU-SeeMe encoding method.

Everyone who is having trouble should be sure to check that you are still
getting a moving picture with nv once you select nv encoding. The best way is
to select CU-SeeMe and then Start Sending. Then if you don't get a local video
thumbnail, you know it's not working.

This can be fixed quickly, if you are willing/have the ability to compile the
code (TCL and TK required, both available by anon FTP. in
/pub/sprite). If a lot of people are having the trouble, I might advise
writing to the developer of nv and telling him you are having the problem. Try
to explain it fully, don't be nasty or anything, just so he is prodded to put
in a simple fix, so that everyone else doesn't have to.

The problem is that the video library returns a size of 320x243, instead of
320x240. So, all that needs to be done is:

in the file cuseeme_encode.c:
in the function CUSeeMe_Encode_Reconfig:
after height = h;
place height = (height/8)*8

since it only enters this functino rarely (like every time you select cu-seeme
encoding, this should not be too much of an extra load on the machine.

Tom P.

Thomas Parker
Summer 1995: