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On Jun 29, 6:59am, Dick Cogger (Richard Cogger) wrote:
> Subject: Re: CUSeeMe Web app for the Mac
> At 10:14 PM 6/28/95, David R McGee wrote:

> Right, here comes another reply: I wish we had the funding at Cornell to
> provide a lot more support of all types, but the only place we could find
> the person-power as things now stand is from development resources. (Of
> course, if you or anyone would like to contribute, please join the CU-SeeMe
> Consortium; we will use some of the funds we get there for a modest level
> of support activity; or at least we will if the consortium members think
> it's important.)

Actually I am working on getting the funding to do just this thing.

As expected the folks at Cornell received the wrong message from my communique.
If everyone was following the thread before the Holiday, I was responding to a
message that had been published by the folks at White Pine who were complaining
about whining. I wanted these folks (WPSI) to understand, presuming that they
may be new to the list, that there are quite a few valid questions that never
get answered. I was suggesting that instead of bashing these folks (I am not
talking about the hardware specific garbage that appears on the list all of the
time and mostly needs FAQ directions) that a more valid approach might be to
coax these potential customers into finding the answers or beginning to provide
some of them.

> Also, we do try to answer questions posed to the list (a) when we know the
> answer and (b) the first time it is asked (and it's not covered in the
> readme) or (c) if volunteer question answerers on the list answer
> incorrectly. (We have also been trying to find a way through the Cornell
> bureaucracy to hire someone to maintain a faq in better shape.) An example
> of when we don't know the answer might be when someone asks why, on such
> and such a Performa with this and that config, xyz doesn't work; of all the
> models and variations of Mac's and PC's, we have only a limited number, so
> we have to hope that list readers can help. An example of a common
> question answered in the readme is "How come xyz digitizer for the Mac
> doesn't seem to work?"

As I mentioned above, in no way did I mean to suggest that Cornell should be
allocating funds toward this. Who knows, it might work. What I meant to
suggest that the first thing WPSI might want to begin doing is providing
assistance to folks on this list who are having trouble. After all, these
people are the front line and potential first users for their product. It is
probably not a good strategy to make them feel inept.

> And yes, one of the real incentives for issueing the Master License to WP
> was so that there would, in time, be commercially enhanced and supported
> versions available for those who prefer to avoid the traditional
> tribulations of freeware.

Right. Which seems to work well for others and looks like a smart move on your

> Also, there is generally fairly uneven coverage in responding from Cornell
> to the list, since it something of a volunteer activity. If one of the
> team happens to be interested and wants to spend the time then you may get
> an answer (like Larry Chace on attaching a Quickcam to a PC, late last
> night, or me awake unusually early this morning).

Thanks for the volunteerism. I really think you folks are doing great things!

>-- End of excerpt from Dick Cogger (Richard Cogger)

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