Why am I not connecting?

Aaron Z. Snyder (maddawg@world.std.com)
Wed, 05 Jul 95 12:46:10 -0400

While using a 14.4 kb/s MODEM, I once connected with a total stranger and watched
his silent transmission (I have 0.65a1 vesion) with a picture update rate of about 3
frames per minute. I have no video capture card at this time, so I could not
transmit. The person on the other end was aware that I was there and even printed
"Hello, Arron [sic]" in the lower righthand corner of his image.
Since that time, I've been unable to connect to anybody, including reflectors that
are allegedly transmitting 24 hours a day. I've been using "Go CU-SeeMe Go!" to make
the process a little easier, but I'm still frustrated in my attempts at connecting.
I now have a 28.8kb/s MODEM, which, I understand, won't improve things that much in
terms of transmission speed, but what can I do to have a few more successful

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