Re: Mac Modem on a PC?

Keith J. Groves (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 13:16:20 MDT

If the modem was working ok to begin with, then there is no reason why it
should not work for you now that you have a PC. All that is needed is a
standard PC/AT serial cable, that's a 9pin to 25 pin cable from the com1
port of your PC to the serial connector on your US Robotics modem. If
you're not getting an "OK" response from your modem, the com1 port on your
PC may be
at fault or the serial cable itself. Good luck.


>Help! Dumped my Performa, but kept the Mac 'n Fax U.S.Robotics 28.8k modem.
>Had been told it would work on a PC with minor modification.
>Not true! It won't dial, although it seems to take the first step (a
>click). Using a standard modem cable for PC. DIP switches set to 3,5,8 down.
>Init string AT&F (also tried AT&F&D2). Result: nothing, nada and zip.
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>David Winet

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