RE: Yet another SE100 question...

Salkowski, Charles (
Thu, 06 Jul 95 09:55:00 cdt

The order you install the drivers is critical. Call tech support for
details. I also ordered the SE-100 but it turned out to be a digitizing dog
(slow) so I returned it. I'm still begging mediavision to update the
promovie drivers.

>From: owner-CU-SEEME-L
>Subject: Yet another SE100 question...
>Date: Thursday, July 06, 1995 8:51AM

>I too purchased the SE100 card for use with CU-SeeMe. When I try it with
>CU-SeeMe, I get a screen that is filled with snow that points to me. I
>tried re-installing all 3 of the drivers, but that just does not seem to do
>the trick. Any thoughts, at all? Thanks.