Re: Usenet Newsgroup for Cu-SeeMe???

Dave Bartlett (db@ThoughtPort.COM)
Thu, 6 Jul 95 16:18:34 -0500

I, for one, think that a Cu-SeeMe Usenet Newsgroup is an
excellent idea. I would like to see an unmoderated group, as the
technology lends itself well to individual empowerment. If some one
from the Cu-SeeMe Project has time to moderate a group that would
be ok too.
I hope someone out there has time to do more than say
"that's a great idea!". I think I just did that pretty effectively.

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I just joined this yesterday. There seems to be alot of traffic on
this list.
Has anyone thought of starting (or is there already) a Usenet
Newsgroup for

Judging from the traffic on this listserv, I think it would be a
wiser choice.
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