Fwd: Goodbye and Thanks

Thu, 6 Jul 1995 20:24:48 -0400

I emailed alot of people that have unsubscribed and almost all said that it
was because of volume and that half the mail applied to a platform they had
no interest in. It seems that you will continue to discourage people unless
you split into a MAC, UNIX and PC list or get a WEB page up.
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Date: 95-07-06 17:50:18 EDT

I joined the CU-SeeMe mailing list a few days ago, and have thoroughly
participating in discussions on this wonderful piece of software.
Unfortunately, the quantity of mail that this list produces is going to use
my CompuServe mail allowance in no time at all - so I'm going to have to
unsubscribe already :-( (although I am going to subscribe to the
list). Thanks to all those of you who sent me mail - I'm sorry that I
been able to thank each of you "in person". If any of you want to get in
with me you can mail me directly at 100550,463@compuserve.com.

Phil Steer.