CU-Seeme alternative

Rogene Talento (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 20:33:55 -0700

Hate to post this here, but I'm dying to test it...

Caesar Samsi has (quietly) released his latest version of WS_IRC 2.0, and
there is now a "V" version, which supports audio AND video through a DCC chat.

I have loaded it up, and get a perfect local video window, despite not
having the Intel Smart Recorder Video Pro. I guess my Captivator/ATI
Graphics Xpression/VFW 1.1e combination somehow conforms to the Intel Indeo
Video compression format.

The problem is that I can't find anyone to test it with! There doesn't seem
to be any IRC channels devoted to it (yet!), and no one in the CU-Seeme
channel had heard of it.

If you are a PC user with the necessary hardware, and you would like to try
it out, the file WSIRCV20.ZIP may be FTPed from the following sites:

Main: (/pub/csamsi/ &

USA: (/irc/clients/pc/windows/ &
USA: (/pub/pc/win3/winsock/ &
USA: ( &

I'm not a employee of C. Samsi, or even an acquaintance. I just want to try
out his latest efforts....

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