Re: ATI Wavewatcher card

Don Johnson (
Fri, 07 Jul 1995 00:33:54 -0400

>Hi all,
> Does anyone know if cu-seeme will work with ATI's "wavewatcher"
>card. It is supposedly a video/video capture card with a built in TV
>tuner. For that matter does anyone have any info on the card itself
>(ie. how it works in general, etc.). I would be using it on a pentium
Yes I do. No it doesn't. I have the card myself and love it but it only has
one compression option which happens to be not compatible with CUSM. I'm
hoping for a fix in a couple of months.
Don Johnson

P. S.

If your using a PCI Video buss card you'll probably have trouble with any
video capture card. The problem is in the feature connector that transfers
data at 64 bits between the video card and the video capture card. Some
cards have a fix for 32 bit Vesa Local Bus but 64 bit is another story.