Re: ISDN & CuSeeMe

John Carey (
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 09:57:43


I have ISDN service in my home and I can tell you that first of all, the
service that PacBell has isn't full 128k, it is 112k and secondly, despite
what your local service provider says, I have gotten frame rates as high as
10fps when connecting to my office (which has DS1).

I get reasonable quality audio under those circumstances as well.

John (

>I am considering getting ISDN service to my house. After toying with
>Cu-Seeme for nearly a year now and completely frustrated with a 14.4 link
>(basically worthless) I'm ready for some speed.

>However, I have contact a local ISDN internet service that said a ISDN line
>with 2 "B" bonded channels would only give me about 1fps on CuSeeMe. That
>doesn't seem right. I know that Pacific Bell in my area installs 128k
>ISDN lines to homes.

>Can anyone tell me what kind of speed (FPS) and if audio will work well
>enough with an ISDN line.

>Thanks for any input and time.

>-Thomas Amato-