Re: ISDN & CuSeeMe

thommy (
Fri, 07 Jul 95 11:55:16 PST

Thomas --

CU-SeeMe and ISDN will work just fine. I've used a number of
different desktop video packages over ISDN and point-to-point, it
looks great. Trying to run the video product over a LAN/WAN is bit
more dicey, but the message still comes across pretty clear though
there can be a delay (kind of like chatting with someone on the moon)
for the information via the various routers (hops).

Good luck with PacBell. They are notorious for _not_ getting ISDN
installed correctly the first time (I know, that's part of my business
-- correcting PacBell's ISDN errors...). To the good however, once
they do it right, it does work.

Thomas J. Jones
Zimway Consulting Group
Santa Cruz, CA

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Subject: ISDN & CuSeeMe
Author: at INTERNET
Date: 7/7/95 11:19 AM

I am considering getting ISDN service to my house. After toying with
Cu-Seeme for nearly a year now and completely frustrated with a 14.4 link
(basically worthless) I'm ready for some speed.

However, I have contact a local ISDN internet service that said a ISDN line
with 2 "B" bonded channels would only give me about 1fps on CuSeeMe. That
doesn't seem right. I know that Pacific Bell in my area installs 128k
ISDN lines to homes.

Can anyone tell me what kind of speed (FPS) and if audio will work well
enough with an ISDN line.

Thanks for any input and time.

-Thomas Amato-