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I have no idea where this provider received this information, but your
frame rate not dependent on any one thing, like bandwidth. Of course
bandwidth plays an important factor, but the speed of your system, the
digitizing board or camera, the video compression selection, are also

I have been using a 28.8 K modem for more than 6 months and receive pretty
nice video (+6 fps) and not bad audio - (bi-directional). A very simple
trick to I use is moving the camera about 6 to 8 feet or so from my
computer. Because Cu-SeeMe only transmits changes in the video field,
moving the camera makes my image smaller and thus transmits less overall
data per frame. Basically, requiring less bandwidth. Of course your video
compression and the amount of audio used will play a big part, too.

I hope this information will help. Feel free to visit my CU pages at
[], I think you will find them very interesting.


>I am considering getting ISDN service to my house. After toying with
>Cu-Seeme for nearly a year now and completely frustrated with a 14.4 link
>(basically worthless) I'm ready for some speed.
>However, I have contact a local ISDN internet service that said a ISDN line
>with 2 "B" bonded channels would only give me about 1fps on CuSeeMe. That
>doesn't seem right. I know that Pacific Bell in my area installs 128k
>ISDN lines to homes.
>Can anyone tell me what kind of speed (FPS) and if audio will work well
>enough with an ISDN line.
>Thanks for any input and time.
>-Thomas Amato-


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