Too much paper printing EMAIL

Don Johnson (
Fri, 07 Jul 1995 22:33:44 -0400

I'm only a few months on the internet so all ideas are WELCOME! I would like
to save many Email letters I recieve from lists to a file I create based on
category. I want to append each letter to that particular file and search
that file, maybe months later, using various search criteria. Finding
software to do the search is not a problem but how do I get individual email
letters appended to a particular file. I'm using Eudora. (I thinks it's time
to read the doc's).

Their are many times questions are asked on this list that have been
answered before, either here or elsewhere. If I had a quick way of
searching, and even parsing out the answer from my file I could respond
without having to peruse my rapidly rising stack of papers!! Their have been
many times I have wanted to respond but just haven't been able to. Is their
a solution already out there? I use Windows on a PC, have a tape back-up and
hard drive storage is getting cheaper every day!

Don Johnson