Re: CU-SeeMe audio...IPhone?

Ernesto Hilton F. (
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 15:36:14 -0600

At 11:16 AM 06/07/1995 -0600, Wesley Stuart Jones wrote:
>I'm trying to use CU-SeeMe inside my office environment and would like
>to transmit voice and video. Is there a way to configure IPhone to work
>with a set up that is not connected to the Internet (i.e. can't reach
>any IRC servers)?? Or is there a better audio program to use that
>will allow PC's in my office to communicate over the net?
>Thanks in advance,
>W. Stuart Jones
> Wesley Stuart Jones
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>You can use both programs if you are using a SLIP or PPP connection (if
connected through a modem) or a TCP/IP if you are on a regular LAN
environment. Each program will have its own channel for communication.
Obviously you will have to start them separately. (You can write a Visual
Basic application, for instance, that can start both at the same time).

A full Audio and Video version of CU-SEE ME for PC will be available soon.
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