Live satellite feeds

Martin Stoufer (
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 20:45:03 -0700

The other day, I was showing a Ham Radio phreak/friend of mine how CU
worked. The first thing he could say was, Is this coming from a satellite
feed or something? It broke my heart to tell him it was a 28.8 modem. Then
we both got thinking, wouldn't it be possible for someone with a satellite
dish to pick up a satellite, tune to a specific freq and start receiving CU
I see obvious problems with checksums and sending good packets. But
what if you could get CU to connect to an external receiver instead of an IP
address? This would of course be some driver running in the local machine
which would route (drop bit and color depth if needed) the info to CU. Send
would be useless unless you had a microwave transmitter in the backyard to
send info back up. (that would be cool....) Let's kick this one around and
see what happens.
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