(no subject)

Chris Ragaisis (ragaisis@netcom.com)
Mon, 10 Jul 95 15:08:11 0500

Okay, I've _got_ to be the world's biggest idiot. I'm normally pretty
good at these things (being a programmer) but this one has me baffled.

I have 2 different machines that I'm trying to run CU-SeeMe on. The
first is a Quadra 660AV that uses a video camera, the Geoport Express
modem and a SLIP connection. The other is a Quadra 610 with a T1 line
into the net (I set this one up to see if I could receive only - sending
wasn't important here).

Everything looks great on both of these machines until I try to
_connect_ to any of the reflector sites given in the large list. Then
it doesn't matter which site I choose, I always get the "No response
from..." message. Since _everybody_ on the list can't be down, I figure
that I must be doing something horribly wrong here.

Any suggestions? All hints are appreciated.

Chris Ragaisis