Re: Live satellite feeds

Martin Stoufer (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 16:44:34 -0700

>Well, what you do is connect the sat video feed to your video in and
>and guess where the audio goes ;-) same format. But I don't see the
>practical application unless you sent the who shebang off to a reflector
>for others to enjoy. If you have a sat dish just watch it on your tv -
>the image quality for sure is better.

I guess we where going along the idea that the Satellite was in fact the
reflector. anyone with a dish could receive a CU signal, Audio and Video. I
agree it would be overkill, but it would be neat to have it work. Hey with
so much bandwidth, have 40-50 CU sessions being piped up to a single sat and
then having them all BROADcasted across the US, if not more...
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