Re: Another question . . .

Chris Rowan (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 09:18:49 -0500 (CDT)

Hi everyone,

I'm getting mixed signals here. I need to know what kind of equipment and
connectvity to procure in order to send and receive simultaneous audio and
video with CUSM. I am an elementary schoolteacher, and I was recently
awarded a grant to pursue a project idea centered around a simulated
journey to Mars. During the simulation, I wanted to use CUSM to hold
video conferences with NASA scientists, engineers, and technicians to
discuss spacecraft and habitat design, propulsion systems, trajectories,
and so on.

I realize that CUSM is experimental and there will be problems. But I
think that eventually classrooms will be linked to the outside world and
each other via something resembling CUSM. I want to involve my students
in an application of this emerging technology.

Back to the central question -

Chris Rowan wrote:

> >Would a 28.8 Kbps SLIP or PPP connection be fast enough (have enough
> >"bandwidth"?) for sending or receiving simultanous audio and video,
> >assuming I had a Mac Quadra or other high-end Mac?

Here is one reply:

> No. That's it. Until the software is modified in some clever manner, NO.

And here is another:

> It is nice to meet you. The answer to your question is YES with a few
> operational considerations.

And another:

> NO, regardless of whats been said a 28.8k connection is lousy for audio.
> Mine with a ppp connection on a Quadra produces just enough souond to be
> annoying. The frame rate varies wildly from very good to very bad so....

I did not include names above as a courtesy to those individuals who took
the time to reply to my query.

I'm not a computer programmer, and I don't have a degree in computer
science. I get the gist of most of the discussions on this list, but
there is much I do not understand. So please forgive my ignorance, and
please excuse my repeated requests for information.

I'm going to talk to our Technology Coordinator sometime today or tomorrow
and ask if his department can furnish a Quadra or comparable Mac. If I
can get a Quadra, what kind of connectivity will I need to send and
receive simulataneous audio and video? Would an ISDN connection
suffice? What kinds of questions should I ask our local Internet
provider to insure that I purchase the "right" ISDN connection?

Geez, I don't even know if my questions make sense!

Also, I understand that Cornell is coming out with a Talk Windows version
sometime in July. What kind of PC system could send and receive
simultaneous audio and video? Would a 486 suffice, or would I need to
move up to Pentium? If I can't get a Mac, I may have to upgrade the PC's
already at my disposal.

I sincerely appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

Chris Rowan
Teacher, Morningside Elementary
Brownsville, Texas