One eighth picture

Thomas Rochford (
Tue, 11 Jul 95 15:31:48 +0100

I wonder if anyone can help with this problem

I am running version 80b2 of CU-SeeMe on a Macintosh Performa
630. This is running version 7.5 of the operating system with
MacTCP version 2.0.4. The Macintosh is connected to our Local
Area Network via its Ethernet card.

I have a QuckCam connected to the modem port and has recently
acquired the special microphone required for use with Performas.

When using CU-SeeMe within our own subnet there are no problems,
however when attempting an inter-site link or a link to other
University's, I only appear to be transmitting the lower
eighth or so of the picture effectively. The upper seven-eighths
is not being refreshed. Other users have no problems sending
a full picture of themselves to me, and I have no problems trans-
mitting a full picture of myself from other users' machines. I
have already tried using a different IP number.

I have set Transmission parameters to 60 and 80 Kbs per second and
30 frames per second as a maximum. I have also tried increasing
the preferred memory to 6K, but none of these have made any sig-
nificant difference. It seems that as soon as I hit anything less
than 10Mbs or leave our own subnet, the two are coterminous, I stop
transmitting effectively.

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