MiroDC1 Capture Board

Fred Overbey (foverbey@picosof.com)
Tue, 11 Jul 95 11:23:32 -0700

I am trying to convince Miro support to support net applications.
They feel that the board does what it was designed for and report that if we
want drivers, we will have too design them ourselves. I don't have VFW (SDK)
if anyone has a copy I could use it, I've ordered it from Microsoft 6 weeks
ago, but still waiting.
The only thing that will make the support people at Miro take notice
is a number of poeple writing them and telling them that they will not buy
the board. From us who use it, Telling them that we need support and there
are enough aplications to make it worth while for Miro to support the net
apps. like cuseeme.
I am told that a new driver was sent to the us office and should be
on the BBS, but I looked and found nothing. thier support guru in the states
George has yet to get back to me about it.
The cost of this board is around $700 it does some really great
things in the video world, with great MJPEG compression in and out to VTR
both s and rca connections in and out. The only problem it that it won't
work with anything but Premiere, and ULead. The claim on the box is VFW
supported. I have vidcap.exe and it works fine, but as Cuseeme loads, I get
to errors (unsupported function) both the same and then I get a screen of
active snow in the bottome 1/8 of the screen. in watching the program
loading prinouts at the bottom of the cu scrren it appears to be while in
search of a pallet. Miro says they only support 24 bit , but cu is 8 bit,
perhaps this is the problem.
In any event, if you have gotten this board to work let me know,
thewhay you got it up and running. If you haven't. let me or miro know so we
can get some support in this issue.

Thanks again Fred
Fred Overbey Phone (408) 458-9182
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