Reflector running on a Quad (fwd)

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Tue, 11 Jul 1995 20:15:17 -0500 (CDT)

Here is a quick and dirty reply regarding what to do to get Reflector to
make under A/UX. Sorry for the delayed reply, but I was getting a lot of
bounces to the list for some reason! :)

BTW, as mentioned below, these changes throw a heavy frotz into the
parsing of the .conf file.... meaning things like VAT port assignments and
b/w caps will need to be hard-coded. Good luck

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Subject: Reflector running on a Quad

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OFFICE MEMO Reflector running on a Quadra 950 Date:6/30/94
About a week ago someone posted a question if it was possible to have the
reflector software run on a mac (under A/UX).

I have version 2.21x2 of Reflector program running on a Quadra 950 (Workgroup
Server 95) under A/UX. Only a couple of modifications were required to make it

setlinebuf() function used to set the buffering of the stream for the log file
is not available under A/UX. Commenting it out works but you don't get to see
anything in the log file until you stop the Reflector process. Equivalent of
this function under A/UX is setvbuf(...) hence the line


can be substituted as below:


This change needs to be made to two files reflect.c and util.c

I am still having problems getting the reflector to recognize anything other
than MOTD in the reflect.conf file. Adding any other options causes the
reflector to crash with memory fault.

Apart from the problem described above, the reflector seems to be working good.

(Note: Any versions older than 2.21x2 might require significant changes to the
sock_addr data structures, so make sure you have the latest version )


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