Re: One eighth picture

Dave Trissel (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 05:58:45 -0500 (CDT)

> I am running version 80b2 of CU-SeeMe on a Macintosh Performa
> 630. This is running version 7.5 of the operating system with
> MacTCP version 2.0.4. The Macintosh is connected to our Local
> Area Network via its Ethernet card.
> I have a QuckCam connected to the modem port and has recently
> acquired the special microphone required for use with Performas.
> When using CU-SeeMe within our own subnet there are no problems,
> however when attempting an inter-site link or a link to other
> University's, I only appear to be transmitting the lower
> eighth or so of the picture effectively. The upper seven-eighths
> is not being refreshed. Other users have no problems sending
> a full picture of themselves to me, and I have no problems trans-
> mitting a full picture of myself from other users' machines. I
> have already tried using a different IP number.
> I have set Transmission parameters to 60 and 80 Kbs per second and
> 30 frames per second as a maximum. I have also tried increasing
> the preferred memory to 6K, but none of these have made any sig-
> nificant difference. It seems that as soon as I hit anything less
> than 10Mbs or leave our own subnet, the two are coterminous, I stop
> transmitting effectively.

Tell me about it. In February I had a Time/Life Discovery camera crew in
my house taping their April Cyberspace show and I was having the exact same
symptoms. I use a Sony camera connected to my AV video port on an ISDN line.
I don't have a record of the reflector software version, but it was a locally
modified version run by my ISP which is the Eden reflector.

Now this is *VERY* strange but after an hour of shear desperation I found
that by treating the maximum and minimum tramission rate settings as their
opposite I could transmit a picture, although movements came out "smeary".
I set the minimum to 80 and the maximum to 10(!). Ever since then the problem
seems to have gone away, however it is possible that it still occurs
since there is no way I'd know about it unless other viewers make comments.
I have never received transmissions that look like this from others and until
your posting never had heard of this problem by anyone else.

-- Dave Trissel, Austin Texas