Windows CU-SeeMe

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 13:33:35

Dear All,
I have just got back from holiday and had chance to try
the new PC CU-SeeMe W0.65b2, and see that PC Audio is expected
"soon". Firstly a question, I wonder which full-duplex audio
card(s) the developers are using. The purchase of an audio
card seems to happen every couple of months within the depart-
ment, and I would like to ensure that the next card bought
will offer full functionality with CU-SeeMe.

Secondly my experience so far:
Setting the Video format to PAL (which is what I have
been waiting for) took some time. Although I had tried all the
possibilities the picture remained garbage. I believe that
either the Spigot card, or Video for Windows or CU-SeeMe
crashed, due to the initial wrong settings. It worked fine
after I switched the machine off and rebooted with the correct
settings installed.
I cannot connect point to point through our ethernet
using Trumpet winsock. The connecting computer shows 'no
response from...' although the other computer shows 'Connected
to ...'. Connecting the same two computers through a reflector
worked perfectly.

Congratulations to all the developers. This is the first
version which I can use in anger.

* Ian Carr-de Avelon *
* *
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* dept. of Physics Education *
* University of Amsterdam *
* Netherlands *