Re: UK Government use of... & Smugness

Ian C. Simmins (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 20:28:48 +0000

I was only joking!

Originally I found CU-SeeMe while looking into the availability of video
coverage for NASA shuttle missions. The PC version is perfectly sufficient
for watching NASA TV. I don't think it is fair to slag off the writers of
the program for the PC. When you think that I could watch a Space Shuttle
live in space from my bedroom in England over the phone, that is some

I bow down th Rich Kennedy and the PC team for all their efforts, if a
commercial version does come out, so what? The Cornell guys pioneered the
technology, everything must grow into something bigger, it is called
evolution you know!

Thousand pardons iif I've started one of those pathetic and futile PC v Mac


BTW Shuttle Launch tomorrow, 9:41 am EDT (14:41 GMT) last I heard. Check out:

for latest countdown status.