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Rodney M. Dyer (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:28:13 -0400

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> Well, now you see how the Mac folks feel when things come out only
>for the PC.
> CU-SeeMe is a Mac program. There is a PC port of limited capability,
>but the real interest is obviously for the Mac version.
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> If you are so good, why don't you do it.
> Alan

Sorry guy's & gal's,

Maybe I presented myself too impatiently. I am using the Mac cuseeme
viewer. I think it is the best. It works reliably and has a great user
interface. I will continue to use it even if a good PC viewer comes along.
But, I am a programmer, pure and simple. Real coders don't care much about
what machine they program on. PC's, Mac's, Unix, they don't mean much.
What's important to coders is to see well written programs, for any
machines. I can tell just by the user interface and operation, that the PC
product is lousy. A simple port, that's all they did. As little work for
them as possible. You can also see the importance they place on the PC
cuseeme product in their web page, very little.

Look, all I'm saying is that there is an enormous product potential here. I
know this thing is free now, but with a little more work...ok, lots more for
the PC side, they could sell a good gizmo. If they let the PC product slip
to better PC programmers, not affiliated with the Cornell team, then they
will loose an absoulutely enormous market. It's a similar situation to the
Netscape browser team, headed by Marc Andreessen. The Netscape guys didn't
stop with the Mac. They made Windows, Next, X, OS/2, and Windows 95 viewers
also. Talk about the Cornell Mac guy's being system centric... :|

If they don't do it, I just might given the chance...the window of
opportunity is still open. I am working on a beta cuseeme viewer now. It's
got a Win95 user interface. My intentions are only to use it as an internal
network administration tool. I will combine it into our NASd server under
development. Right now it will only lurk, but..................

Just a note: Those who are in the know, know that not all email readers
buffer text properly without embedded hard returns. Don't be coy. ;)

I will not mail again under this discussion.


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